Hello world!

Putting together the pieces

This site is a compilation of some of my online career highlights. Please browse the links collected on this site and do contact me if you’d like to delve further.


The gist: 

  • I have my Bachelor of Journalism and Media Studies from Rhodes University (2011)
  • I have just returned from an 18 month copy writing working stint in Australia
  • South Africa rules
  • 2014 saw me backpacking through Europe, blogging about the experience here
  • I have freelanced for major events like the National Arts Festival and Highway Africa
  • I’m slightly more of a cat person
  • I spent 2012 working at Grocott’s Mail where I gained experience in writing, photography and layout design. I also had two weekly columns in the paper, one dealing with cars (Driving With Desi) and the other with a lifestyle theme
  • For some unknown reason I thoroughly enjoy open water marathon swimming
  • I have written for two (now sadly defunct) online car publications, OverDriveDaily and Drive RSA
  • I can sing all the lyrics of “We DIdn’t Start the Fire” off by heart
  • I spent 2013 working at the Sustainable Seas Trust where I wrote copy for the website, wrote articles for various publications all over South Africa and photographed events